The first element of the thesis appendix, Home movie, is a production entitled Untitled, prepared under the supervision of dr hab. Zbigniew Salaj and dr hab. Grzegorz Sztwiertnia. The process of creating this work was underway throughout nearly the entire course of studies, since the second year. The recordings of various situations from everyday life are an effect of working with Izabela Lizewska. A time of constant cooperation, coordination of subsequent exhibitions and projects resulted in the deepening of our relations and the strengthening of a friendship. We decided to start documenting moments of relaxation and escape from exhausting activities, resulting from our life experiences. Over time, we began combining specific moments and situations into new film études of several minutes each. Every video was entitled with accordance to the recorded situation. The effect of a three year long documentation is a collection of short videos that we decided to combine into one project. Naturally, the collection received a narrative structure, on one hand in accordance with the chronology of the recordings, on the other – revealing more and more private, intimate moments from everyday life step by step. Disregarding the clear reset in the form of the quantity of alcohol consumed, the production portrays specific moments authentically, even breaching the boundaries of intimacy, and thus closes the sequence of other productions of the Magical Theatre.

Mateusz Grymek, Izabela Lizewska, Untitled, video, 2016


The next element of the thesis appendix, Home movie, is a video entitled Family cinema (4’51”), created in the First Atelier of Photography at the Faculty of Graphic Arts under the supervision of dr hab. Agata Pankiewicz. I decided to start working with archival materials from my childhood. The archive of family recordings, a collection of VHS videotapes, became the grounds for the realization of Family cinema. Having watched 30 hours of recordings made by my parents, I remembered the times when we would travel on holidays together. In fact, one of the only memories I had from this time was the obligation of constant posing for pictures: quick, the waves will disappear, the Popemobile will be gone, stand there Mateusz, turn around Mateusz, look at me Matus, go, stand straight, wait… The videos show the necessity of recording every moment, every place. At a certain stage, a child becomes an object to put in the picture, a meaningless element of passing moments.

Mateusz Grymek, Family cinema, video, 2015


Mateusz Grymek, A movie for credits, video, 2014


Andrzej Bochenek, Mateusz Grymek, Magdalena Kraszewska, On the hunt - Giotto, video, 2012


Andrzej Bochenek, Mateusz Grymek, Painting process - torment or freedom, video, 2012