Labyrinth / a film

The film tells a story of human embroilment in a labyrinth. Freedom can be defined in various ways, but heavy, strong, thick walls of the labyrinth will always keep us with the thoughts and awareness of the unevitable end. A man wanders along new paths, changes directions or stays with the one chosen at the beginning but always, no matter which road he chooses to travel by, he is accompanied by time. The ruthless time of change. What can be said about an eighty-year-old man who becomes aware of the power of time?

My sorrow will run away to the other world, but what can I do? This is the way...

Mateusz Grymek, Labyrinth, video, 2013


Labyrinth / a cube

An object, a glass box filled with a beret. This work was created as a counterpart to the film Labyrinth, within the project Labyrinth of Freedom

Mateusz Grymek, Labyrinth, artistic object, 20x20x12, 2013



An object created as a part of the project Kafka - taming the unknown. This work is a portrait of professor Zbigniew Bajek, author of the project, in the context of Kafka's short story Metamorphosis

Mateusz Grymek, Metamorphosis, artistic object, 20x30x12, 2014