Once again I observed the process of transformation and growing up of another, young man. It was more than just observation – I took part in the process. Over the course of several years – between graduating from high school and finishing his studies, Mateusz Grymek clearly underwent major changes both as a person and as an artist. The intensity of our meetings, once in the Śródmieście Cultural Centre, then at the Academy, in the areas determined by subsequent artistic projects which I invited Mateusz to, went beyond routine. His usual curiosity of the world and unusual need of thorough experience – exploring a process to the very end – gave birth to many initiatives, both those being part of joint ventures, as mentioned above, but also individual projects.

Mateusz resigned from using traditional tools (brushes, paints and pencils) rather fast /and he did have good command of them/; he also rejected academic motifs. Early on he turned his eye towards himself – put himself up to risky challenges and recorded his behaviour. He did not spare the ones who happened to be near. This way he created photographic cycles and video drafts; installations in open and closed spaces; sociological recordings with grandparents and... prisoners.

Questions about one’s own identity are strongly articulated in his last period – this is what the dissertation is about. Rebuses he builds out of archival VHS recordings, set up with items taken out of drawers and the basement, which he combines with quotes from books, are not easily decipherable by neither an outsider, nor someone „in the know“.

It is hard to predict what will follow, but there is no doubt that something will.