A video performance Old cinema takes up issues such as loneliness, time or memory in a spacial context. At the beginning, in the moment of symbolic entrance to the screening room and taking a seat, the idea of screening is one of the most important. Tatarkiewicz defines screening as the mind's part of the viewed object. Being in a key space, in which particular events took place, there is a clash between a memory and a said space. A private, intimate plain comes into existence. In opposition to the definition of screening in a psychological sense, Old cinema is aimed at the awareness of internal, unaccepted impulses, emotions and trying to face them on one's own, only in the context of space.

Mateusz Grymek, Old cinema, video performance, 2014

As a part of an international artistic and research project Tragedy of Freedom, a workshop titled Old cinema was organised for inmates at the detention centre in Kielce. Apart from the main idea of the Old cinema performance, the workshop's goal was to show the specifics of new media (including digital), in the context of contemporary art. 

Mateusz Grymek, Old Cinema, video performance, 2014