The surroundings are important after all. Everything splipped inside them in an unexplicable way, espescially when he didn't look with focus nor diligence, but became passive, resting. He felt that the experiences of the last few days are being covered with a new, different layer, how this geology of memories condenses, its bottom drilled by dreams, its top fluid, easily influenced by the world.

Installation consisting of five paintings - post cards, accompanied by a frame filled with authentic post cards from the 1900s, arranged in a form of an apartment, which gives an opportunity to add video, as well as household objects.

Performative expressions, also known as performatives, form a specific type of clauses that are directly active, having real consequences. A function of creation by word is a function of generating, it is about putting new extralingual states of reality into place. States, that wouldn't exist without those expressions. Performative hate speech harms, because it implies action, wounds. 

To act, to act, to act - he recalled his father's saying - A man who doesn't have a goal in his life has to make one up

A Brand of Memory is a situation connected to moving out of the family home and renting out a room. This series of works was created on the wave of inspiration by household objects. A household with a long history of the eighty-year-old owner. The first confrontation with an excess of objects is the awareness of a tacky wallpaper covering space in the apartment. A shelter for dirt and a ludicrous need to collect. After the owner's death, the felling of closeness, changing their meaning, the urge to take care of them, mutual dependence, utility out of unusefulness. The object stays for good, only the people giving it new meaning change.

Mateusz Grymek, Brand of memory, oil painting, 2013


Mateusz Grymek, Horizon of freedom, mural in a prison yard, Radom, 2013


Mateusz Grymek,  Brand of memory , digital photography, 2013   

Mateusz Grymek, Brand of memory, digital photography, 2013


Mateusz Grymek, Brand of memory, video, 2013


Mateusz Grymek, Karolina Wozniak, Only for the mad, video, 2014