Mateusz Grymek, Fighting with nature, digital photography, 2015


A single man, November 2014

Listening to Abel Korzeniowski's music, I see Mateusz running into the sea. It's the evening, the beach is going to disappear in a couple days and storm waves are going to arrive. In a couple days, we're going back. Our microcosmos, that we managed to create over the last month, our walks, conversations, fascination, everything we lived for over those past weeks will become the most oridinary past.

I'm afraid of coming back. I'm afraid that this boy running into the sea that evening will eventually disappear.

I'm afraid that everything we talked about, possible plans, promises, meetings, projects will turn out to be words without meaning. I'm even more afraid because this boy running into the sea is one of the most fascinating people I've ever happened to meet. I don't understand him entirely yet, I'm a bit terrified of him, I'm overwhelmed by his works. But still, I want to hold on to all of that, because I believe that what I declare in this moment, looking at him, staying close to him, is important. 

Malgorzata Kubal A single man


Mateusz Grymek, Once we'll go to Cyprus together, digital photography, 2014


Mateusz Grymek  /Kalina Horon, Iza Lizewska, Single man, digital photography, 2014