The performative activity entitled Tonio Kröger involves building (or rather presenting) a special interpersonal interaction – real, strong, asexual.  Tonio Kröger is a young man who for different reasons (including setbacks in life) pins great hopes in a close relationship with another person, a friend. His exceptional sensitivity, which made peers perceive him as different, leads Tonio – the protagonist of Tomasz Mann’s story – to notice the beauty of honest and true communication with another person.

When it comes to Marina Abramovic’s performance entitled “Imponderabilia”, I place great concern on the possibility of transfer and the experience of the non-material, elusive state of emotions.

Mateusz Grymek, Michal Mura, Tonio Kröger, performance, 2016


extracts from Tatoo, a video by Mateusz Grymek (2012)


Extracts from True air, a video by Mateusz Grymek (2012)


Mateusz Grymek, Aleksandra Nowakowska, Residue of memory, digital photography, 2012


A video entitled You sick motherfucker. This work is a compilation of pictures saved on my telephone. During one month, I collected personally made photographs, as well as those sent to me. The chronological setting of the material assumes unhindered image of a relation with another person.

Mateusz Grymek, You sick motherfucker, video, 2012